Ph.D. Candidate @ HITS

Heidelberg University

I am a Ph.D candidate in HITS at Heidelberg University. Prior to this, I studied Software Engineering at University of Buenos Aires.

Engineer by curiosity. Nerd by definition. I was captivated by logical and mathematical algorithmic problems, an amusing and intriguing riddle for me. While working on my thesis, I discovered NLP, which I found totally fascinating due to its relation with texts of any kind and nature. My research interests include learning more expressive representations by exploring non-Euclidean geometries, and graph-based methods for NLP.


  • Natural Language Processing
  • Representation Learning
  • non-Euclidean geometries


  • PhD Candidate in Computational Linguistics, 2018 - Ongoing

    HITS / Heidelberg University

  • Software Engineering, 2015

    University of Buenos Aires, Argentina